Gurdwaras that Think Beyond Borders!

Craigieburn Gurdwara Australia & Gurdwara Sahib West Sacramento set an exemplary by raising funds for Education!


Craigieburn Gurdwara, Melbourne, Australia & Gurdwara Sahib West Sacramento, California, USA set an Exemplary by raising funds for out of school kids & also for Akal University- Guru Ki Kashi. This benevolent act might be one of the first historic remarkable unique things to happen in the Giving world. Many a Gurdwara Committees might be inspired to walk this path after these Gurdwaras have set this example.


We sincerely appreciate the generosity of these Gurdwara Committees in gifting Out of School Kids an opportunity to turn their dreams into Vision. A Vision for a Brighter Future ahead. Their generosity will help them living a dignified life elevated through the platform of value-based Education. These students will be nurtured in the best of Sikhi environments, wherein they will be able to explore the best of their potentials.

A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world. For these acts go all the way, right up to their last breath. By sponsoring the education of Rural needy kids they share their pious contribution in building a strong edifice for Rural Empowerment & Social Welfare.


‘Share’ & ‘Inspire’!


~ Tapasleen kaur
~ New Delhi, 9th Mar ’15

How It Works

    Costs Less Than a

    Educating a child