Out-Of-School Needy Kids Get a Ray of Education by Sikhs Helping Sikhs Scheme of Deed A Day Under Kalgidhar Trust!

What is the way out to the Dismal Situation of Punjab becoming a den of addiction, corruption and conversions?


It is all due to the rampant ignorance especially among the poor. Economic imbalance due to fragmented landholdings is quite disturbing. The farmers cannot even earn to have both ends meet; the increasing debt burden forces them to occasional suicides. They cannot put their children in good schools hence remain devoid of good education. The poor education multiplies the problem; they do not get jobs; they try to escape to foreign countries where they are treated very badly even like slaves. Those who remain, get into prey of drugs.


The solution to all this is Value based education at affordable cost or even free!


Such is the focus theme of Sikhs Helping Sikhs Under Deed A Day Program started under the aegis of Kalgidhar Society. Recently our Volunteers Harpal Singh & Satnaam Singh Sahlopuri visited the Village in Ludhiana named situated in The Samrala District. They had 9 students being aided under Sikhs Helping Sikhs scheme. They met these children as well as their parents. This area being remote had more dismal picture to present. All the students deserved this aid. The parents were gifted a set of books. Their annual education expenditure of 30,000 Rupees per annum including schooling, uniform, books, stationery is sponsored by the various donors under this scheme, enlightening the rural kids through the light of Education. It has been instrumental in bringing about silent but sure reforms to uplift the socio-economic status of the rural poor in the areas covered.




Sikhs Helping Sikhs (SHS) headed by Mr. J.S Uppal has identified 2,50,000 out-of-school needy children in Punjab that need to be brought into Schools. The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib has come forward and admitted 1300 needy and poor kids in March 2013 as a first step to realize this target.


~ Tapasleen Kaur
~ New Delhi, 10th Jan '15

How It Works

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