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Select a Child to educate, Empower and Uplift Rural India

“ As is a common practice in rural Punjab, there might be many Girls below with a Joora, hence kindly do not mistake them for Boys. ”


Sneha Hi! I'm Sneha from Sirsa. My father is a laborer, earns only Rs.50,000 p.a., unable to afford the co. ...Read More


Komalpreet Kaur Hi! My name is Komalpreet Kaur. We are a family of 7, living in Punjab. Every flower has a wish to . ...Read More


Jaskaran Sidhu Hi! I'm Jaskaran Sidhu from Kapurthala. My father?s income is very low, we live from hand to mouth. . ...Read More


Ishika Dugg Hi! I'm Ishika Dugg from Kapurthala. My father's income is not sufficient to bear the burden of my s. ...Read More


Komalpreet Kaur Hi! I'm Komalpreet Kaur from Bighar. My father is a driver & we are a family of 6, my brother is a h. ...Read More


Khushdeep Kaur Hi! I'm Khushdeep Kaur from Bighar. We are a family of 6 with 2 daughters. My Father cannot afford e. ...Read More


Ishika The love and support of my family helps me retain my faith in humanity for my angel will promise me . ...Read More


Navneet kaur Is it too difficult to afford education? My dad says so. I just hope I get books and a better future. ...Read More


Ramandeep Kaur Hi! I'm Ramandeep Kaur from Pilibhit. My father father's income falls short to support schooling for. ...Read More


Jashanpreet Kaur Hi! I belong to a poor Backward Class family and my father cannot send me to school with his income . ...Read More

Ways to Donate

There are many children and families who require interventions in different aspects of life. Explore our other options to bring transformation that lasts in the lives of those in need.

How It Works

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    Educating a child


Success Stories

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Change Heroes

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JS Uppal CEO CK Morgan Click to view

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