Student Details

Student Name :
Jaspreet kaur
Father Name :
Angrej Singh
Mother Name :
Jasbir Kaur
Date of Birth 22 July 2008 Class: First Class
Religion : sikh Address : Phaggu
Village : Phaggu Post Office : Phaggu
Police Station : Rodi District : Sirsa
Caste: Majbi Sikh City : Sirsa
State : Haryana Country : India
Family History : Hi, I am Jaspreet Kaur. I live in Sirsa. I want to study in a school. But my family income is very meager. God, please hold my hand. I also want to study and keep my parents happy.
Hi! I am Varinder Singh from Haryana. My father is a Granthi Singh with a family of 5, he is unable to afford the expense of my education. So, God, bestow your love and support on me to gain better opportunities and education!
Hi, I am Simranjit Kaur. My father is in Private Job and his earning is very meager. Besides two children, he has to take care of my ailing grand parents as well. All in all he has to support 6 membered family and is the sole bread earner. God I really wish to study. Please send my angel.
I am Amanpreet Kaur, daughter of Granthi who has to take care of family of 6 persons, including my ailing grand father. His income is very low and therefore, he can not afford to send us to school. Please send my angel.
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