Gurdwaras that Think Beyond Borders!

Craigieburn Gurdwara Australia & Gurdwara Sahib West Sacramento set an exemplary by raising funds for Education!   Craigieburn Gurdwara, Melbourne, Australia & Gurd

Out-Of-School Needy Kids Get a Ray of Education by Sikhs Helping Sikhs Scheme of Deed A Day Under Kalgidhar Trust!

What is the way out to the Dismal Situation of Punjab becoming a den of addiction, corruption and conversions?   It is all due to the rampant ignorance especially among the

Intellectuals Speak - Principals' Conference by Atam Pragas Social Welfare Council

Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council (APSWC), Ludhiana, recently organized a Principals Conference on ‘Efficient Teaching: Methodologies and Responsibilities’

Akal Academy, Bhadaur hosts an Inter-School Competition!

Sant Attar Singh Ji’s main branch Baru Sahib’s division of Akal Academy, located at village Bhadaur recently organized an inter-school competition in which around 77 students from 11 di

District Education Team inspects Akal Academy Uddat Saidewal: Appreciates Students' performance

Mansa’s District Education Officer, S. Swaran Singh Sandhu recently visited Akal Academy located at village Uddat Saidewala for inspection & doing NOC alongsi
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